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An underslung LPG tank is becoming more popular if you only have room for the smaller bottles and are planning a long trip it could be worth seeing if there is space for an underslung tank, this can free up a locker and still give the convenience of not having to lift another gas bottle.

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Time to SAVE money on LPG?

Still using gas bottles? Now is a great time to change, it not only saves you money on actual gas purchased it also recovers the gas storage locker space which no doubt you can find a better use for.


All our LPG gas kits are priced as fully installed, tested and certified. 


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We supply a full 12 month parts & labour warranty on all installed kits.

LPG tanks have a life of 18- 20yrs as opposed to refillable bottles which are 10yrs.

All underfloor tanks are to R6701 standard and come with certificate and all safety valves. All tanks are fully undersealed on installation.

Fully UK & EU approved.

Each gas tank is designed to be filled from a filler point conveniently mounted on the external side of the vehicle and with use of filler adapters can be filled while travelling through Europe without the need to swap bottles over.

The filling of the gas tank is controlled automatically by a float activated over fill protection valve ensuring no more than 80% fill can be achieved.

The gas tank also has a unique float activated gauge giving a reading in percent of the tank capacity, thus allowing the user to determine the amount of LPG remaining in the tank. 

40litres Ø270mm L792mm vapour gas cylinder tank lpg storage for motorhome, caravan, campervan, rv set with valves

Permanent LPG gas tanks

These are becoming a much more common feature on motorhomes. Auto-Sleepers, for example, now fit gas tanks to nearly all of its models – van conversions and coachbuilts.

The advantages are threefold:

  • It’s much cheaper to fill up with gas than exchanging a cylinder.
  • A permanent gas tank fitted underneath the vehicle actually frees up a lot of storage space that would have been taken by an in-board gas locker.
  • In some locations it is now becoming more difficult to fill refillable bottle systems such as 'Gasit' and similar without an external fill point fitted. Morrisions supermarket for example have now banned all such refilling. It is also an issue in some European countries.

Utilising an underslung tank is becoming more popular if you only have room for the smaller bottles and are planning a long trip it could be worth seeing if there is space for an underslung tank, this can free up a locker and still give the convenience of not having to lift another gas bottle.

All underslung tanks are filled via an external filler fitted to your vehicle as part of the installation and can be refilled at any LPG filling station including Morrisons supermarket fuel forecourts. Filler point can be either body mounted or under rear bumper.  

UK Filling Point Housing Box 

The size of tank that can be fitted under the vehicle is dependent on space available on each van, it is not a one size fits all, as fuel tanks, hand brake cables, water tanks, steps, exhaust all play a part.

All our kits can be  supplied with an internal tank gauge to monitor gas levels. You can choose other options for this gauge in drop down boxes above.  On fitting, the tank is connected to a new regulator (supplied) and fully tested.

gas lpg level indicator gauge for 0-90ohms level senders electronic livello

Complete kit tank sizes available

23L - 230mm x 630mm 9.2kg capacity

30L - 270mm x 607mm 12kg capacity

40L - 270mm x 792mm 16kg capacity

55L - 360mm x 632mm 22kg capacity


Please note the diameter size is the size of the tank only and does not include the extra size of the valve box.

Fitting service

Fitting areas by postcode and charges.

  • AREA 1:   ML, DG, TD, KA, EH, G, FK, KY – Included in kit price.
  • AREA 2:   PA, PH, DD, AB, IV +£35
  • AREA 3:   NE, CA, DH, SR, DL, TS, LA + £50
  • AREA 4:   YO, HG, BD BB, LS PR, FY, HX OL, BL WN + £65

Please select your postcode area on checkout from one of the above. 

For areas outside any of the above zones, please contact us for a quote.

Confused? Need assistance with selecting what tank size best suits your needs and vehicle? Send us a message letting us know vehicle make / model and year




We can offer an onsite survey prior to order which costs £30.

This fee is fully deductible from any future order placed



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Our exclusive Challenger C series diesel forced air heaters can and will heat the average motorhome to 24 degrees in roughly 5 - 6 minutes. Can your existing lpg Truma do that?  Can it do it while you drive?  Challenger can! Ask your rear traveling passengers just how cold in can be back there. 

HEATER SIZES - What is best?

2kw - Small to medium sized vehicle / boat

4kw - Medium / large sized vehicle - best all round performer both small, med and large vehicle / boat.

6kw - reserved for the larger vehicle/ boat, normally with multiple outlets required.


Grant Willoughby

Engineer turned up, assessed job, spent a few hours working on motorhome fitting Challenger 4 kWh heater.

Was pleasant and informative and answered all my questions, couldn't have asked for more. All I had to do was supply a few cups of coffee.

Wish my experience of tradesmen over the last few years was as pleasant and reliable as this. Many thanks and would not hesitate to recommend ACLS to other van users.

Elaine McPherson Over the moon with the job and professionalism of fitter.

Amazed at the heater, well worth the money spent , thankyou, 5 star quality service.


Brian Johnston Thanks to ACLS engineer for fitting there challenger 4 kWh diesel air heating to my motorhome today he did a first class job he explained every thing you need to know how to work the heating system i would recommend ACLS from ordering to the fitting if you want a diesel air heating for your motorhome or caravan call ACLS thanks again Brian


Tommy Christie Great job had it running for two hours toasting going to have a lot of fun during the winter 35 degrees if I want highly recommend !!!!

John Herriot Thank you for your time,banter and a superb job,
After you left I filled up with fuel and food and on my way to try it up at loch Rannoch 


Andy Stott nice job 👌

Bob Bertram Many thanks for today Steve 
Top quality fit out and professional service . Looking forward to using the campervan through the winter months now on snowboarding trips in Scotland with that cosy 4kw heater . All the best to ACLS team . 

Katie Louise We love it and can’t wait for our next trip

Darren Waite I would just like to say a massive thank you to Steve for travelling all this way down to Huddersfield to fit our new 4kw diesel heater ready for our trip to Austria, a clean and professional fit out and so happy to recommend to others, thanks again Steve

Bernard Greedy I had mine fitted 2 weeks ago and just love it !! Make lots of cups of coffee for the lad who fits it !! He has time to talk to you if you need to ask any questions he will answer them fully !!