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  • 12V 1500w / 3000w Soft Start Pure Sine wave AC Power Inverter
12V 1500w / 3000w Soft Start Pure Sine wave AC Power Inverter 12V 1500w / 3000w Soft Start Pure Sine wave AC Power Inverter
12V 1500w / 3000w Soft Start Pure Sine wave AC Power Inverter 12V 1500w / 3000w Soft Start Pure Sine wave AC Power Inverter

12V 1500w / 3000w Soft Start Pure Sine wave AC Power Inverter



ACLS EXCLUSIVE, a soft start 1500w / 3000w pure sine wave inverter designed for the UK motorhome and marine market

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FITTING: Fitting cost includes fitting to your vehicle and connecting to your leisure batteries. It also includes fitting the remote controller within 2m of the unit.

A standard installation is provided utilising the supplied 500mm connection tails for both positive and negative connections. If a longer length is required upon installation an additional charge will be made for the cable used.  We can also provide remote 230v sockets for connection to your new inverter.

Main Specifications

Weight3.07 kgs
ColorGreen / bl
Height16.5 cm
Width34 cm
Depth8.5 cm
ManufacturerACLS Exclusive

2 UK outlets

Max power 3000w peak

Continuous power 1500w

Low input voltage 10-11v

Over voltage 15-16v


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Our exclusive Challenger C series diesel forced air heaters can and will heat the average motorhome to 24 degrees in roughly 5 - 6 minutes. Can your existing lpg Truma do that?  Can it do it while you drive?  Challenger can! Ask your rear traveling passengers just how cold in can be back there. 

HEATER SIZES - What is best?

2kw - Small to medium sized vehicle / boat

4kw - Medium / large sized vehicle - best all round performer both small, med and large vehicle / boat.

6kw - reserved for the larger vehicle/ boat, normally with multiple outlets required.


Grant Willoughby

Engineer turned up, assessed job, spent a few hours working on motorhome fitting Challenger 4 kWh heater.

Was pleasant and informative and answered all my questions, couldn't have asked for more. All I had to do was supply a few cups of coffee.

Wish my experience of tradesmen over the last few years was as pleasant and reliable as this. Many thanks and would not hesitate to recommend ACLS to other van users.

Elaine McPherson Over the moon with the job and professionalism of fitter.

Amazed at the heater, well worth the money spent , thankyou, 5 star quality service.


Brian Johnston Thanks to ACLS engineer for fitting there challenger 4 kWh diesel air heating to my motorhome today he did a first class job he explained every thing you need to know how to work the heating system i would recommend ACLS from ordering to the fitting if you want a diesel air heating for your motorhome or caravan call ACLS thanks again Brian


Tommy Christie Great job had it running for two hours toasting going to have a lot of fun during the winter 35 degrees if I want highly recommend !!!!

John Herriot Thank you for your time,banter and a superb job,
After you left I filled up with fuel and food and on my way to try it up at loch Rannoch 


Andy Stott nice job 👌

Bob Bertram Many thanks for today Steve 
Top quality fit out and professional service . Looking forward to using the campervan through the winter months now on snowboarding trips in Scotland with that cosy 4kw heater . All the best to ACLS team . 

Katie Louise We love it and can’t wait for our next trip

Darren Waite I would just like to say a massive thank you to Steve for travelling all this way down to Huddersfield to fit our new 4kw diesel heater ready for our trip to Austria, a clean and professional fit out and so happy to recommend to others, thanks again Steve

Bernard Greedy I had mine fitted 2 weeks ago and just love it !! Make lots of cups of coffee for the lad who fits it !! He has time to talk to you if you need to ask any questions he will answer them fully !!