Welcome to the home of the Ignite WiFi enabled controller.

Here you will find everything you will need to install, setup and use your new controller. Remember to check common user questions below for assistance.

Download Ignite Wifi User Instruction manual  

Download Ignite WiFi Installation Instructions

Download Ignite WiFi Interconnectability (GPIO) information

Common user questions:- 

 How do I find my user id if I have lost the installation sheet?

On the controller, go to settings and scroll through menus until you reach MQTT STATUS, you will find your password on the bottom line - IgniteXXXXXXX

 I have factory reset my controller without contacting you and my password no longer works.

Completing a factory reset wipes all the security data on the controller. The default password is reset to dieselauto You will not be able to use MQTT remote access until the unit is reset by us for security reasons - This is chargeable. Contact our support team for more information.

 How can I update the firmware / software?

You do not need to do anything. Once the controller is connected to your internet enabled router and has access to the internet the controller will automatically check for any updates. If one is available, it will alert you in the main window by flashing an update available icon. Got to settings and accept this update if required. This is the ONLY way to update the Ignite controllers firmware.  We do NOT provide the firmware in any other way.

Whilst connected to the internet you can also update the webpage server, again from within settings.

 Should I enable OTA?

No OTA should not be enabled. This is for developer use only to allow local updating of system software. Enabling does not interrogate our servers for any available update(s) This method is instigated by developers to upload firmware directly from their connected computer on the same network.

Can the controller drain my battery? 

Yes, it can. The controller creates a local WiFi network that is available to connect to 24/7.

This needs to be available to allow you to connect via your smart device, much like a mobile phone must be on to receive a phone call. The power draw should not be an issue on a correctly maintained battery, i.e., it is charged on a regular basis either via vehicle use (Split charge / B2B charger or solar.

 I do not use WiFi, can I turn it off to save battery power?

Yes you can, go to settings and scroll through to WIFI SETTINGS and set to disabled. You will lose any saved wifi router connections.

 Can the screen be switched off?

Yes it can. Scroll through menus until you locate USER SETTINGS, scroll again to TIME INTERVALS,  screen functions are controlled via the middle option, press up to select the line and scroll to set as desired through the various options.

 How do I connect the replacement Ignite CPU to my current heater (If required)?



Warranty Information

Your Ignite WiFi controller has a 12 month RTB warranty from date of purchase or from installation if fitted by ACLS Motorhome & Marine. If you need to return your controller for any warranty works / investigation, please click WARRANTY CLAIMS image  and download, complete, then include the form with your return. Any returns received without the return form will be chargeable.