Ignite Advanced Diesel Heater Controller Support Files

This device allows you unprecedented remote controllability of your Challenger C Series diesel air heater and also any compatible

Chinese diesel heater. (See details of compatible generic heaters on the Ignite Controller information buy it now page)

It also provides a  detailed examination / customisation ability of the heater run time conditions.






Installation Instructions & MQTT Remote Access Setup Instructions 

User Instructions     Remote Access Portal


Why is my screen on the controller flashing in the top right corner?

There is a firmware update available for instant download. Find out how here.


For other software updates scroll down the page.


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 This page provides pre-compiled Software / Firmware releases that can be uploaded to the Ignite controller.

Software / Firmware is easily uploaded using browser Update.


Latest release downloads available


Current releases for V4.0.2 Ignite Controller only (Pictured at top of this page)

(Please follow user instructions to update Ignite controller if required or asked to do so by our support team.


You can view your current installed versions by selecting System Information from the wifi home display menu


V4.0.3  Release date  13 FEB 22  - Index.html.gz V4.1.2  Release date 12 FEB 22  - Firmware.bin

.zip packages of required files.

DO NOT upload the .ZIP file downloaded to your Ignite controller

Unzip the downloaded package 1st before uploading to your Ignite controller, using browser Update.

DO NOT unpack index.html.gz

The ZIP file contains 2 files to upload.



Upload the unzipped files to the Ignite Controller using the /update feature from your web browser. See instructions below.


Upload to your Ignite controller, using browser Update.

Upload firmware.bin to the Ignite Controller using the /update feature from your web browser. See instructions below.


*** WARNING ***

Do NOT attempt to update your Ignite controller with any 3rd party or Afterburner software as it will NOT work, you will lock the device.

A locked device will need to be returned to us for a chargeable reset. Running this Firmware update will NOT unlock your locked controller.


How to update Instructions


To update your Ignite controller to the latest software / firmware, download the above file(s) to your device.

Make sure you are connected to either the controllers Wifi network or Your router and has an issued STA IP address.


You can update in 2 ways, firstly by selecting IGNITE FUNCTIONS from the Ignite menu and then pressing the update button.

Alternatively you can add /update to the homescreen address bar I.E, STA address/update depending on how you are connected to the controller.

The update screen will appear, enter the username and password

Upload user name: Ignite

Password: itstoastie

Click on Select a file to upload. Locate the file(s) you downloaded on your PC / Phone / tablet and unzipped if required, once selected, the file name to be uploaded will appear along with an upload button. Press this to upload the file.  You may need to do this multiple times if there is more than 1 file to upload.




DO NOT upload index.html if available in your download location.

It NEEDS to be index.html.gz


IF UPDATING firmware and have downloaded the update file, select