Challenger C Series heaters - SUPPLY ONLY / SELF FIT

  Do you supply your Challenger C series heaters for self fit / installation?


No, we do not. As a company we took the decision to stop this method of sale during lockdown.

The reason behind this was that to put it simply the level of poor workmanship was astounding!

With the boom in the vehicle conversion market, it was a free for all to get vehicles ready and out the door.

Sadly, the consequences were very very poor workmanship, not just on heater installation, but the whole conversion.

We foresaw this occurring and withdrew our heaters from the self-fit marketplace. That way we protected the brand.


Challenger C series heaters are ONLY available supplied and fitted. We also withdrew all other heater brands as well (Eberspacher, Webasto etc). We do not foresee this policy changing in the future.