Vevor Heater Recall



If you have purchased one from Ebay  / Amazon / AliExpress  or had one fitted by another supplier / installer, we can assist in its removal or removal and replacement.



We appreciate that this has been covered to death on the forums, but it has now escalated.  Vevor as a company are now responsible for this safety recall.  They are informing users to cease use, remove and return for a refund.

YES, we know it is due to incorrect fitting instructions and not the actual heater.  However now that the recall has been escalated to the “manufacturer” it should now be complied with. Do not accept "it's okay it's only due to instructions" from your retailer / installer, they should be assisting you in the removal.

In essence anyone who has had or had fitted a Vevor diesel heater with the heater code 'WF 5001' are in breach of their vehicle insurance policy if the heater is not removed as per the recall detail. (This code was used on 2kw, 5kw and 8kw!). Heater code can be found on sticker located on side of heater.


If for example your vehicle is say rear ended by a third party, all their fault. Your vehicle is then insurance assessed for repair and the insurance assessor discovers a recalled Vevor WF 5001 heater fitted and available for use, your insurance probably will be invalidated and the claim disallowed.

If unsure, we suggest that you contact your insurance company direct and not listen to hearsay on Facebook or 3rd party installers with vested interests.

If you are unsure of the heater fitted to your vehicle by a 3rd party installer, check the sticker located on the side of the heater and look for VEVOR and or code WF 5001.


For assistance, give our support team a call on 01555 728515

(We do not supply Vevor heaters nor fit them and never have)